Stage One Advertising Network

Stage One Advertising Network

You Will Have 5 Zones on Your TV Screen


1. Promote Your Products, Services and Marketing Initiatives with Your Own YouTube Videos or

2. Promote Your Products, Services and Marketing Initiatives with Large Banner Display Ads

3. Gain New Customers by Advertising on Stage One TV’s in Your Area

4. Display Helpful National or Regional Display Advertising Targeted at Consumers in Your Area

5. National News Feed Can Be Replaced with Messages to Your Customers

Save By Disconnecting Cable/Satellite TV

Choose the YouTube Channels Right for Your Business!

We enable you to display the “best of highlights” programming uploaded by your favorite TV channels to their YouTube channel. We can also play videos from other sources as well.

We’ve found that “short form” programming videos offer the right mix of intrigue, information/entertainment and eye-catching
imagery – to ensure that your customer’s eyes are glued to the set – and to your ads.

Whether you choose to keep the sound turned up, down, or off completely, our software plays the most recently uploaded videos from the sources of your choice in order to provide your customers with the distraction that they seek.

Local Video Ad Network FAQ

If You Don’t Find the Answers You’re Looking For, Contact your local representative for more information.
  • Can I Disconnect My Cable or Satellite TV?

    Yes, as long as it’s not the primary reason customers come to your business location, such as with a sports bar or restaurant. All Cable/Satellite TV channels have their own YouTube channel where they post their “best of highlights” and this is what we show instead of their regular programming. Showing short “best of highlights” video clips Is actually more entertaining to a diverse crowd of customers than a regular 30 minute or more TV show.

  • How Can I Make Money Instead of Just Spending Money?

    Cable or Satellite TV is just a plain, ordinary expense. With the Local Video Ad Network, you can make money in four (4) different ways depending on the subscription package you choose:

    1. You pay less to entertain and distract your customers in order to improve their satisfaction with having to wait for their service.
    2. You can sell more products or services to your best customers while they wait in your store. What better time to advertise than when your customers are in your place of business ready to spend money? There’s a long history of proof of the value and ROI related to in-store TV advertising.
    3. You can earn free ads to bring more customers into your business. Just refer other businesses to us and we’ll play your ad on their TV for as long as they keep our service.
    4. You can earn “passive income” from your TV as well. Sell ads to other businesses who want to advertise in your business (all those business card droppers for instance…) or your vendors and suppliers who benefit every time you make a sale and you can make money just for showing their ad on your TV. If you or your staff manages this business, you keep 100% of this new found revenue. Don’t have time to focus on this? Just contract with us to sell your ads and earn a reduced share of the revenue.Just contact our friendly customer service staff to learn more.
  • How Do I Purchase Your Service?

    We offer 2 packages:

    Basic Package for a Vendor or Store Simply Click

    Basic Package includes:

    Lease of a Stage One Media Player ($25/Month) plus installation of ($100 One Time Fee).

    (Choose this option if you already have a TV mounted and ready to go.)

    Deluxe Package for a Vendor or Store Simply Click

    Deluxe Package includes:

    Lease of a Stage One Media Player ($25/Month)

    Installation of a TV, wall mount bracket, and media player ($300 One Time Fee)

    Purchase of a 42″ inch TV and wall mount bracket ($500 One Time Fee)  (Optional)


    Lease of a 42″ inch TV and wall mount bracket ($40/Monthly)  (Optional)

    (Choose this option if you need a TV mounted )


    Advertiser Simply Click.

    Choose which zone you wish to advertise in and check the box beside it. Then if you need an advertisement created for you simply check the box beside the Ad Creative for that zone. Proceed to pay via credit card and we will get rolling right away.

  • How Easy is This to Install?

    As soon as your order is completed, our service center will configure your equipment and ship it to you. Everything’s included that you’ll need. Simply open it up, connect the box to power, connect the box to your TV, turn it on and follow simple, step-by-step instructions to start it up. Contact your local representative for more information.

  • How Does Your Billing Work?

    We take all major credit cards through our secure online transaction system. You are billed once for the “Media TV box” at time of purchase, plus shipping and handling. You are also billed for your first month’s service in advance, then again every 30 days, unless you cancel. You may cancel at any time as there is no contract. If you decide to upgrade at a later date, just contact your local representative.

  • What is Your Warranty on the “Stage One Media Box?”

    Our warranty on the “Media TV Box” is 6 months. If anything happens, just Contact your local representative for more information.

  • What TV Channels Will Play in Your Video Zone 1?

    We don’t actually show regular cable or satellite TV channels. We show the most recently uploaded videos to your selected YouTube Channels. The videos uploaded to YouTube are basically the “best of highlights” from each TV channels program day. And as they are uploaded to their channel, our software detects that and shows them on your TV. When you order, your box’s default setup includes CNN and ESPN News. However, you can select from a variety of other YouTube TV channels, or even request a new one. And here’s the best part – you can even show your own videos from your business’ YouTube channel (requires an upgrade to the Promoter Package! Now you can get those YouTube videos you created for your business that hardly anyone is watching and put them right in your own waiting room for your customers to enjoy – and sell more products or services in the process.

  • How Do I Get My Ads to Play on My TV?

    Simple. Just create a free account at or Create a folder in your account and place your ads in the folder. Contact us with the log-in details plus the name of the folder where the ads are located, and the next thing you know, your ads will be playing on your TV


  • Each package will help you to entertain and inform your customers, patients or clients while they wait.
  • Each package comes with a Media TV box that easily attaches to a HDMI-ready Digital TV in just a few minutes.
  • Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will help you choose the right YouTube channels and service package for your business.
  • There are no contracts. Cancel any time.
  • We offer a 30 day money back guarantee.